Saturday, May 24, 2008

THING 23!!!!!! WRAPPING UP!!!!!!

I didn't think I would finish this! I am feeling very proud of myself- and exhausted! I can't say which exercise was my favorite because I still don't feel that I know enough about some of the things I have learned and I want to go back and explore them some more. Thank you for opening my eyes to technology that I never even knew was out there. There are so many useful tools that I am anxious to use, personally and professionally. Very interesting stuff!


Finally something I already knew about! I actually use this site at work and refer a lot of people to it. I downloaded Aesop's Fables. What cute stories!!


That one was pretty easy! I think it is a very useful tool in the workplace.


This exercise didn't really interest me that much. I like the podcasts with the videos better. I chose this podcast,, because my husbands family comes from Spain and I like trying to learn new recipes and foods from that culture.

This is really fun video to watch from the TV show Scrubs set to the song Diner by a great songwriter, Martin Sexton. The video is silly and is a nice break in the monotony of a quiet Saturday at the reference desk (Memorial Day Weekend-and boy does it look beautiful outside!!!).


This exercise was really neat! I use pandora all the time and I love it. I really liked the Events winners. There are a lot of winners that I would like to use.

Library 2.0

I really found these perspectives very interesting and on the mark. Libraries need to evolve to meet the patrons' needs and wants. I read Away From Icebergs, Into a New World of Librarianship, and To a Temporary Place in Time.